Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's dangerous on Boylston Street: Looney Tunes has half-price sale on all CDs...

It's dangerous in here, I said today in Looney Tunes, the used music store up on Boylston Street. Yeah, but it's only half as dangerous as it used to be, came the reply.

Every CD and DVD is on sale for half price during February, so stuff that's already outrageously cheap is so hard to resist.

I stopped myself after five for twenty bucks. Damn economy. Unemployment just isn't going to cover my habit.

The Jayhawks: Hollywood Town Hall
The Jayhawks: Tomorrow the Green Grass
Alejandro Escovedo: Gravity
Guy Clark: The Essential Guy Clark
Golden Smog: Down by the Old Mainstream

Well, you can pretty much see my tastes right there. But the place is filled with every genre. Always a great place to stop when you're in Boston.

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