Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A blog in the moment

In the moment here. I have no idea what I'm about to say. Sue is practicing Lucinda Williams, Side of the Road. I just worked out a sticky part of Act II of Red Dog. That's how I've been writing it. Bit by bit and it's coming along. It's almost writing itself, which, as any writer will tell you, is pure heaven when a piece does that.

I'm excited. I haven't been this excited about a writing project in a long time. I've handed Act I over to one person, and she liked it. I'm hoping to finish Act II this week, at night after coming home from this little contract I have. My goal is to have a staged reading in the fall.

I've been going to this office for the past two weeks now. It's really quiet there. People just sit at their desks and do their work. Intent. I guess that's the way an office should be, but any office I've ever worked in has been bloody noisy. Ad agencies and marcom departments. I did a couple of stints in a news room. Try telling reporters to shut up. You'd get a knuckle sandwich.

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