Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A reading of St. John the Divine of Iowa from Another Country Productions

Saint John the Divine in Iowa
A reading of the screenplay by Lyralen Kaye
Directed by Lucas Lloyd

November 30, 8-9:30pm
Open to the public
Donation only

Presented by Another Country Productions
At the Factory Theatre at 791 Tremont St, Boston, MA for directions

When Reverend Alexandra McCartney, a progressive Episcopal priest who has fought for social justice through most of her career, begins working for gay marriage in Iowa, she doesn’t know she’s fighting for her own daughter. But when Sarah comes home and asks her mother to marry she and her partner, Reverend Alexandra finds it’s easier to live up to your values when they’re not tested at home or in your own conservative congregation.

Featuring Melissa Blasek, Emily Culver, John Greiner-Ferris, Ashley James, Lyralen Kaye, Karin Trachtenberg and Cindy Wegel

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