Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe Biden drops the F-bomb: Big effing deal

Joe Biden gave new meaning to the phrase, vice president. Get it?--vice president?

it's all over the Internet now, and good luck finding a copy of the video now of Vice President Joe Biden telling President Barack Obama that passing the Health Care Bill is a big effing deal. Now it's bleeped out on most sites. But right now it's the most sought after thing on the Internet, and it's so hard to hear that it's like listening for "Paul is dead" on Abbey Road.

And I'm not sure what the big effing deal is. I talk like that everyday. I guess we're expecting our elected officials to be saints. We don't want them to cuss, do drugs, or sleep around, yet all that is pretty much what the hoi polloi do.

Yep, it's so bizarre: we vote for people who we claim are like us--we want people in the White House and in Congress who represent us, who we actually are--and then when we do we blow it all out of proportion.

Anyway, it took me awhile to find one, but here for your listening pleasure is your vice president saying the word that we all say every day.

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