Monday, May 17, 2010

Minivan rap song goes viral, and I just don't get it

If you want to see it, you have to go over to my blog on to see it, but a rap video has gone viral about a Toyota minivan.

Actually, it's a commercial for Toyota that I'm sure one of the many marketing/communications firms that have a finger stuck in the Toyota pie came up with and solidified the business relationship for at least the rest of this week. And I'm sure there's a producer or SVP of Creative who is feeling pretty darn cocky right about now.

But songs and videos trying to make very unhip people cool never have worked for me. And there's not getting around it: Minivans are not cool. Get it. They. Are. Not. Cool.

I wish white people who live in the suburbs with a bunch of kids in houses that are poorly decorated would just up and admit it: they cashed in the hopes and dreams they had as young people and there's no getting them back. You're wearing your Dockers and "fashions" from Talbots and you're all really nice, genuinely good people, but you ain't hip. Face it.


Kathy said...

Hey I resemble that remark as I just happen to drive a Toyota minivan! For me its hardly about being hip....what am I 20? Do I need a vehicle to signal to others I've got a life? (Eyeroll) Its about freedom. The four skis, boots and poles all go in the back. Do we wrestle w/a ski rack...Nah, toss em in and go. No ice or salt build up on them either.

Same goes for the new roadbike. I throw it in the back in an alarmed vehicle vs throwing it on a rack where its much more vulnerable to weather and theft. And I can do my triathlon bricks...swim, then bike w/as little down time in between as possible.

When we take the boy scouts white water rafting and sleep in tents we can fit all sorts of food, drink and comfort items along w/all that equipment. Yeah, we're pretty popular then.

It's true I'll never be a trend setter in that mini van. But the fact is it allows a family of four to do really cool stuff w/a lot less worries. Mines 5 years old and I'm planning to keep it 5 more. I'm happy. Besides the DH has the fun vehicle, a Jeep Wrangler.

Action Bob Markle said... actually sound pretty cool and hip...and that's what cool and hip is all about...knowing who you are and not caring one way or another what the advertisers want you to be or want you to think...

Kathy said...

Thanks Action Bob. I do enjoy your site and how it gets us all to think.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked that commercial - thought it was humorous spin on the same old safety tested mini-van commercials that are usually out there. Granted, I don't own a mini-van or ever planning on owning one. But I saw this commercial as a way for those who do to laugh at themselves and for it to be OK for the rest of us to laugh with them.

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