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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drew Landry's BP Blues now on iTunes; 75% goes to

Drew Landry's oil spill song, BP Blues, is now on iTunes.

Remember Drew Landry, the guy who sang in front of the White House committee investigating the Gulf oil spill? I blogged about him here on Action Bob and also here on

Today on Facebook, Drew posted that he's signed with Warner Brothers, his oil spill song, BP Blues, is on iTunes, and when you buy it on iTunes 75% of the proceeds go to

For a buck twenty-nine ($1.29) you can have a piece of Americana on your iPod or MP3 player of choice and help the people whose lives have been changed forever by the bungling of a multibillion dollar international corporation. They can put a cap on the oil well, but they can't put a cap on the suffering these people continue to endure.

It's a damn good song, categorized as country, and here I'm getting up on my soap box but it's got all the earmarks of a real country song and not some piece of garbage sung by some stud with marbles in his mouth wearing a cowboy hat. Drew is a bone fide singer/songwriter, and he put his God-given talents to work trying to save the place and the people he loves. You got to admire him and all the other people in the Gulf right now who are fighting for their lives, and if you can spend a little spare change and get a good song out of the deal, you'd be doing something pretty good.

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Blogger Josh said...

Damn Right. Drew is the real deal and his words come from his life of observing suffering around him.

A Gem of a songwriter and a gift to country music. Let's home country music isn't to blinded by their own "light" of what music is supposed to be.

Keep going Drew. Show country music what it's been missing for awhile...a sincere heart...please pass BP Blues along with the name Drew Landry

September 5, 2010 at 3:38 PM  

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