Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Mad Man behind Mad Men

Frankly, I don't get it. Mad Men that is.

I watched a few clips...yawn.

Then this past summer in a Literature of the Counter Culture class we watched an episode for the stereotypical roles of men and women in that time period. After ten minutes I was so bored. It was the episode where Don Draper gets a new secretary. It was also the episode where Don Draper yells at a woman client who also happened to be Jewish and was taking over her father's business. The account was worth something like $2.5 million--that's in U.S. dollars in the early sixties. Trust me, not even Don Draper would have thrown away that much billing just on his principles. Ridiculous. But I'm generally bored with television and pop culture.

Anyway, so when I watched this animation, I still didn't get it. Chalk this up to a long list of things I just don't get. The interest in Miley Cyrus's crotch. Lindsay Lohan. Martinis and cocktails in general. (I hate the word cocktail--it's such a wuss word.) Karaoke. Zombies. Vampires. Lady Gaga. The list goes on...

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C. Tyler said...

May I co-sign your disgust?

'Mad Men', is another dumbfounding link in a knotted chain of programs I've watched people I don't like crow endlessly about with wide eyes and knees scuffed from worship.

It was 'Cheers' when I was much younger. Then 'Seinfeld' begat 'Friends' which begat 'Sex and the City' which begat 'Desperate Housewives' which has now, it appears, passed its hyperbolic inheritance onto the rubes of 'The Jersey Shore'.

To paraphrase Marvin Gaye, the furor around the show "makes me wanna holler...and throw up both my hands..."

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