Thursday, June 9, 2011

CentAstage Three Ring Reading Series

Sometimes you have to ask yourself why you're in the theater. You hear all the time about how you can't make a living and how (some, a few, many) of the people are, shall we say, hard to deal with--present company included I must say on certain days.

But it's not boring and that's one of the many things I love about the theater--it's rarely boring. I hate boring. I like new. I like fresh.

So, when you get up in the morning and check your email and you see you have a Facebook message from someone in the theater who you haven't worked with in a long time and is frankly not one of the hard people to work with, you know it's going to be a good day...

AND to make it even better, she's asking you to read a part in a new play (I heart new plays) and it won't take up that much time or energy so it won't really affect classwork or even your life in general...

AND then you open the script and see such a surprise: The script is set in the 1500s and you'll be reading the part of an anatomist who also just happens to be a dwarf and then life can't get much better.

Or actually, life sucked and then it got very cool again.

Tomorrow night at 7:30 at the BCA in the South End in Boston as part of the CentaStage Three Ring Reading Series, I'll be reading the part of Andreas Vesalius in Hortense Gerardo's one-act play, On the Fabric of the Human Body.  It's free. And I promise tomorrow night that I'll be on my best behavior.

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