Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC08: Sarah Palin — Babies, Lies

It just seemed like a lot of image last night (or rather, this a.m. when I watched her speech; yes, I have an Internet connection--at least today I do. We'll see what kind of shitty service Comcast brings in the future.)

But I tell you, I don't think I saw one non-white person in that audience. And all that hockey mom hoopla and nice white American values....they just poured it on like sugar on cereal, didn't they?

It's all image, isn't it? That's really what it's all come down to.

Found this on Jack and Jill Politics. It's just more food for thought.

I, frankly, am having a real hard time cutting through all the bullshit on both sides.

RNC08: Sarah Palin — Babies, Lies & Scandal

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