Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday morning, Quincy, Mass.

It's almost 10:00 on a Sunday morning. Hannah poured through last night, and now we have the start of the beautiful weather that comes after a hurricane or tropical storm.

Sue's out on a call, and no she doesn't have a map but she knew where she was going thanks to the fact that Comcast was up last night, even during the storm. Had to put that in so the tweakers over on UniversalHub don't get their panties in a twist.

Was going to put on some music--I know there's some Dead and some Whiskeytown queued up, but then I heard the church bells from the Congregational church one block over playing, and thought it would be nice to just sit here by the open window and feel the steady breeze blowing in and listen to the church bells instead.

Boys opened Friday night. It was a shaky opening, thanks to the theater tradition of good dress/bad opening, but we made up for it last night and got a good review today on EDGE Boston.

I can hear the Red Line rattling by, always a comforting sound to anyone who lives in an urban area. You live a love/hate relationship with the T here in Boston. Well, sort of. I happen to love the the T. I love that it's so cheap, I love that it gets me where I need to go, and I love watching all my fellow Bostonians. It's a free--and sometimes freak--show, and it makes me feel like I'm a part of something.


starstruk said...

Knock 'em dead!

John Greiner-Ferris said...

if we knocked them dead, then who would come to the show??

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