Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was raised Catholic. Staunch, strict Catholic. And I haven't practiced it in years and I miss the Church immensely. It gave a structure and meaning to my life. I was what is known as a fish on Friday Catholic. I just did what I was told and didn't question anything. When I got to the age where I questioned everything, the Catholic Church has a way of just crumbling. The Church doesn't cotton to questioners, and I, to this day, question everything.

So, I've been wandering in the wilderness for a good thirty years and more.

But, I still have a special love for churches, they just aren't what some others might call churches. Funny story, once I lost a script and I asked an astrologer friend who practices horary astrology where it was. (You can ask a horary astrologer any question, even where a lost article is, and by consulting star and planetary charts they can tell you where it is.) She struggled, and I ultimately found it on my own. It was on a bookshelf where I had other scripts; it had just fallen behind the other ones. I told my astrologer friend that I had found it, and she said she couldn't come up with an answer because the charts kept pointing towards a church. I told her I wish she had told me that in the first place, because the charts were dead on. I think of the theater as my church. When I'm in a theater, it's as if I am in church.

Anyway, I have other places in the world where I feel like I'm in church. First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod, the entire beach, is one of those places. The top of Bondclift in the White Mountains is another. And today, I showed Sue another one.

The Buddha room in the MFA is so peaceful. Sometimes I go there and sit for hours. Just letting everything fall away. And I love every Buddha in that room, for different reasons. One is so calm and serene. Another one reminds me of my father.

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