Monday, December 8, 2008

The Low Anthem wins Boston Music Award for Best New Act

I'm a reformed news junkie, having gone cold turkey from three dailies and numerous news magazines and television programs to almost zilch. Now I don't even own a TV--I chicken-scratch around the 'Net for news. But I still check things out, to see if there's anything beyond the normal dose of droning politicians, death and destruction on a global scale, and shallow, useless pabulum on pop and movie stars.

Traveling, it's ironic that we probably watched more television than we have all year, in travel lodges throughout the southwest. It's like a auto accident to us; we can't help but slow down and just stare. It's just all shock and awe for us. Reporters screaming and yelling into the cameras, doing the darndest to make the news exciting and marketable. And then come the analyst and experts to to explain to us what we just saw, just in case we don't have the brains and smarts to do it ourselves. You can see it so plainly, that most people just mimic and parrot what they're told on television. They do it right down to the inflections.

So, it was to my delight that I saw that even before we left the Boston Music Awards were held. And my delight came from seeing that The Low Anthem won he award for Best New Act. I first saw them a few years ago at New Asia in Cambridge. I had gone to the club to see Bean, the now defunct band of a buddy of mine. Bean had finished its set, and I was walking out the door when TLA started their set. I forgot the song--I remember thinking it was a Robert Johnson song, and it was sung by a band member who is no longer with the band. But it was enough for me to turn around, find a chair to the side, and enjoy what these talented artists had to offer.

I've since seen them one other time, in a tiny, reconverted firehouse down in Providence naturally named, The Firehouse. A funny story there: Sue and I couldn't find the club and, God bless AT&T Wireless, when I dialed 411 asking for the fire house, the witless operator connected me to the fire department. And when the good dispatcher found out what we were looking for, he talked us right to the door of the club. One of those random acts of kindness that is so rare here in the Northeast.

From left: band members Ben Knox Miller, Jeff Prystowsky, and Jocie Adams in Cambridge.

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