Friday, January 8, 2010

Cool stuff to do this weekend

I don't follow the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, or Red Sox, don't own a TV, and I have an extremely short attention span. Here are a couple of things that caught my eye that I might be checking out this weekend.

First, buddy Jason will be playing in the Boston Celtic Music Festival. After living in Boston for 29 years, I think I've heard enough Celtic music to last for the rest of my life. Like when I was living in Athens, Ohio, enough of the bluegrass. But something like the BCM will attract the best of the best, there's nothing like watching people at the top of the game who are really passionate about what they're doing. I'll try to hook up with Jason on Saturday. He's backing Kyte MacKillop and Friends.

A. Nora Long, a co-founder of the New Exhibition Room, via Facebook did a shoutout on Bent Wit Cabaret this Sunday at the Oberon Theater in Cambridge. From their site: Every Second Sunday of the month from January through May 2010, Axe To Ice Productions brings you the cabaret to end all cabarets! Find a funny arrangement of ever-changing multimedia artists trying to work out some kind of theme for you... Bawdy, beautiful, delicious, and disastrous- always come expecting the unexpected! Hosted by Mary Dolan and and UnAmeriKa's Sweetheart Karin Webb!

Axe To Ice was created by the two cabaret-producing, gender-bending, clown-like character actors Karin Webb and Jill Gibson. The company seeks to create, support, and produce art that causes an audience to question and to think, to be struck in the moment, and to bring their experiences into action in their own communities.

A bit more: From the team that brought the smashing successes “Mary Dolan Presents…Vaudeville!” and “Boiling Point Burlesque” comes a series so warped and smart it could only be dubbed “Bent Wit”! January 10th marks the premiere of this monthly engagement of variety shows at Club Oberon, each in turn bringing a new theme for our artists to dismantle and put back together, and led by the live House Band, Elephant Tango Ensemble.

And speaking of New Exhibition Room, they'll be presenting another Stone Soup: A Hearty Theatrical on Tuesday, January 26 at Oberon. Get ur tix here.

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