Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let Me Google That For You

The Web (and Google) was made for the likes of me. I'm constantly getting something stuck in my head (or in my old age, something is always just on the tip of my tongue) and I Google it, which leads to a merry skip down the garden path as one link leads to another.

The same with the dictionary. I still use a big old bound dictionary, because when I look up a word, other words catch my eye and I learn new words along the way.

But that doesn't mean I like to do your research. Remember the teacher who told you to look something up because you learn better when you do the leg work yourself.

So, here's a great site to send people when they either a) ask you something they already should know, or b) ask you about something they could easily look up themselves.

Here's Let Me Google That For You.

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