Friday, May 20, 2011

Nina Totenberg to Receive an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Boston University

It is because of my absolute deep respect for good journalists that makes me post this. Nina Totenberg, who dropped out of Boston University as a journalism major so she could take a job as an actual reporter, will be receiving an honorary doctorate this Sunday from BU.

Here's the interview with her from the website, BU Today. I particularly like the advice she gives journalism majors: Don't do it. It's the same advice I gave my daughter. I don't think the industry knows where it's going today, and I think that's a terrible thing. We are in such need of good, objective reporting today (and for those who say there is no such thing, you don't know what you're talking about. When I hear that argument I just nod my head, the same way I do with bone-headed Christians--there's no use fighting. If you want a fight on your hands, accuse a real reporter of not being objective.)

But in this day of the Internet and the likes of Perez Hilton and Fox News and celebs like Anderson Cooper, there still are a few talented, intelligent reporters who are more interested in reporting the facts and not pushing some corporate agenda. And many of them are nameless, their files are on the Internet posted by the myriad of news outlets across the world on the Internet. It's a different world, and I wonder what Ms. Totenberg would have done if she were an undergrad today. Probably pursue law.

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