Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Joseph Patrick Dwyer, Army medic, died of an apparent overdose

Joseph Patrick Dwyer, a U.S. Army medic who became famous when he was photographed in Iraq cradling a wounded Iraqi child, died on July 5 of an apparent drug overdose.

He joined up two days the 9/11 attacks. His brother was a NYC cop, and Dwyer worried that his brother had been killed in the attacks. His brother was fine, but Dwyer joined up, feeling the need to serve.

He came back after serving in Iraq with the 7th Cavalry with PTSD.

Maybe I wouldn't have noticed this tiny item in the paper if I didn't just take a role as a homeless Vietnam vet. The story needs to be told. This is just the sort of thing we're going to be dealing with for a generation now. George Bush's legacy.

Google his name to learn more.

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