Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stone Soup Poetry

Saturday night Sue and I were making our way over to Atwoods to hang with a friend who came in from out of town and hear a little music.

We were walking past Out of the Blue art gallery and some guy was standing out front asking for donations for a poetry reading that was going on. What's ironic is just at that particular moment Sue and I were discussing our finances and trying to figure out exactly how we were going to make our dream happen without starving ourselves.

Anyway, we didn't dig into our pockets, but it did look like a pretty cool place, and the poetry reading turned out to be one of those gems of this city. After living here almost thirty years you see that you don't know everything.

If you're into the spoken word, Stone Soup Poetry seems to be serving up some good stuff. I don't know any of the people listed on their blog, but that doesn't mean anything for a couple of reasons.

I'm not into poetry (but still appreciate it; I even write it from time to time and am now finally learning the integral relationship between words and music) and it's always cool to learn new people, and especially find those little gems in the rough, the up and comers who you find at open mikes (comedy, music) or readings of this nature.

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