Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is kinda blatent self-promotion, which I hate, but I'll be in two plays in the Slam this Tuesday.

In the first play, the opener, I play the spouse of another man. We've been married ten years, and we are discussing what we can and cannot tell each other to do. The name of the play is IDWYT, which rhymes with idiot.

The second play is Robosaurus, and in that play I play a man who wishes he were gay so he could just hang out with his friend and drink and talk about sports. Of course, in order to be gay, you have to fuck another guy, and the play is about that discussion.

Combining the wild excitement of poetry slams with live theater, SLAMBoston is a unique ten-minute play festival. Six to seven plays compete for a cash prize in a night of raucous audience participation and celebration of diversity in America.

"SLAMBoston turned out to be the real Hit of the week. Eight brand new plays, none of them over fourteen-minutes long, were given the Olympic-Judging treatment, with five judges giving 9.3 - 8.95 scores and Lyralen Kaye acting as breakneck ringmaster for the evening,” wrote Larry Stark of Theatre Mirror. “…Acting, directing, playwriting… there was solid work everywhere. Another Country Productions has managed to make these into Must-See evenings of high-voltage theatrics. Don't miss their next one. (I won't!)”

"The Slam provides a fun, exciting and edgy platform for bringing together a broad spectrum of diverse plays and the audience that supports them,” says Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director.

July 22, 2008 will all be at 8pm at the BCA Plaza Theatre.
Tickets are $17.
Call 617.933.8600 for tickets or for a subscription to all 3 slams call Another Country at 617.939.4846.

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Juan Iluminado said...

Certainly it has been an experience working with John. I'm his other half in IDWYT tonight at SLAMBoston, and the process as always for me it's been about learning, acting and interacting with other fellow actor, and our director Nora. We are not promoting ourselves, but celebrating what we love to do: Acting.

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