Friday, August 29, 2008

If it's pretty, is it still a ringtone?

Who says a ringing phone has to be annoying?

Composer Max Richter examined the medium of the ringtone and wondered why it was considered unfit for creative music. And he composed original music, which he called 24 Postcards in Full Colour.

With names like Circles from the Rue Simone--Crube, Return to Prague, and my favorite, Cascade NW by W, they are evocative of places around the world--both real and imaginary--and meant to be played as ringtones. He writes on his site that the name comes from the idea that we expect news from another place when we hear a ringing phone--as we do when we receive a postcard.

Interesting, that's for sure, especially when somone reevaluates something as mundane and annoying as a ringtone and repositions it as an art form. But I don't know, a ringing phone is annoying, no matter how you cut it.

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