Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Monument Valley

I haven't posted--make that stolen--music and posted it here for awhile. This is a good one by the Drive By Truckers.

Songs get in my head, a lot, then I have to chase them down. I see them, hear them, on the far side of the property, and ride over to see what's what. It's not often they skeedaddle; mostly they're there for a reason.

But it's easier here, in the apartment, for me to run them down then listen to them, just getting it over with. I think when I was standing on a subway platform, in limbo in a cubicle, or trying to remain visible in the invisible city, a song had more reason for being.


Sue and I fell in love with Monument Valley. We spent her 50th birthday there. Because of that, and more, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

And as the song puts it so eloquently, "the ironic nature of history."

Ah, irony, indeed.


It’s all about where you put the horizon
Said the Great John Ford to the young man rising
You got to frame it just right and have some luck of course
And it helps to have a tall man sitting on the horse
Tell them just enough to still leave them some mystery
A grasp of the ironic nature of history
A man turns his back on the comforts of home
The Monument Valley to ride off alone

And when the dust all settles and the story is told
History is made by the side of the road
By the men and women that can persevere
And rage through the storm, no matter how severe
And whether it’s a horse or a car or a train
There’s gonna be some fine times and there’s gonna be some pain
In the end it’s a silhouette framed by the sun
And just The Monument Valley when the evening comes

It’s a strong wind blowing on the open range
It’s gonna be beautiful and it’s gonna be strange
It’s where to plant the camera and when to say action
When to print the legend and when to leave the facts in
And when to turn your back on the comforts of home
And wander round The Monument Valley alone

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