Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bill Moyers: Healthcare and the treason of the senate

Bill Moyers, I think, is someone who can be trusted. I guess the thing is, this isn't a new story. We know how crooked politicians are. (So crooked, they have to screw on their socks in the morning.) It's just that it seems that Washington has taken graft and corruption to Biblical proportions. It's overwhelming.

Don't watch this if you have a weak heart, because you just may blow a gasket. Simple, clear explanation.

Air date: October 9, 2009

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The Witty Fool said...

I don't understand the irrational fear of socialist thought and the concurrent complacency to the corporate takeover of our government. When I read these things, I think I'm tripping on something or that I fell down the rabbit hole.

Thank God for Bill Moyers. At least someone can see the forest through the trees.

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