Friday, October 16, 2009

Lookin' on the bright side

I've been hugely remiss in keeping up on this blog. It's one of those things that are in the back of my mind all the time...write on the blog, but obviously it's not something that I really want to do because, well, I'd do it.

For any and all who care, I've been very busy and life is good, for the most part. The busy part is probably the biggest reason why I haven't updated Action Bob Markle. There are just too many other projects calling for my attention, too many ways to better spend your time and life than updating a blog.


I have two plays moving forward. Minot Light is opening in SlamBoston on November 2nd and 3rd. There's an interesting story about the creative process behind this, that I'll share at some point.

Red Dog has been cast and I'm so excited about the two actors who will be doing the reading. I saw Melissa Barker for the first time in NXR's Shhh! and I was so impressed by her work. And Victor Shopov will be reading the part of Him Two. I haven't had a chance to tell him yet, so maybe he'll read it here, that halfway through the writing of Red Dog I started thinking about him for that part. You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I learned he accepted the project.

The Wonderful World of Dissaocia is offering up its own special blend of challenges that are taking up an enormous amount of energy. As an artist, right now I'm frustrated. But I have absolute trust in the people I'm working with on the stage. That trust, and a belief in my own talent should pull it through. Enough said on that subject.

Life continues to muddle along. Our apartment is still in a state of flux, even though the contractors left a week ago. Our home life has been in an upheaval since June--yes! I said June--and it's gone past the point of being just wearing. I'm not saying our landlord is taking advantage of Sue's and my good nature, but...well, I guess that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm definitely a live and let live kind of guy, and I think one of my faults is I cut many people a wide margin of slack when they really should be slapped upside the head because they are so clueless. But again, my Libra nature almost compels me to want peace at any cost, and also be liked.

I've always looked at my home as a sanctuary from the Big Bad World. Typical Libra that I am I love my creature comforts, as simple as mine are, lately I've needed an extra dose of calming.

Despite one or two thorny issues in my life right now--as indicated by a troubling dream I had the other night. (Note: I believe dreams are some of the best indicators of the state of the soul.) I am loved, and I love. I don't ask for much, but get heaps in return. I have some work with some really cool people on some really exceptionally cool projects (self-imposed non-disclosure keeps me from revealing what they are.) I am probably as healthy as I've been in a long while (knock on wood) and there are so many good things on the horizon.

It's just the way I look at things, I guess.

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