Monday, October 19, 2009

The Theater Offensive presents: Come As You Are! Celebrate Queer Sex

40 years after Stonewall, what are queer sexual values? In an evening of quickies, sex takes center stage and your ideas take the floor. Check out what diverse Boston artists have created on the topic to kick off your conversations.

Come As You Are: Celebrate Queer Sex! is our nationally coordinated, locally produced performances series. The Boston run of Come As You Are is the world premiere of the project and it will go on to be produced in 9 cities (and counting) across the country.

Discuss diverse queer sexuality with others around the world, follow the progress of the project, and see the work created in other cities at

World Premiere!
Oct 25, 7:30pm
Oct 26, 7:30pm
Club Café

Project Directors:
Abe Rybeck
Eugene Tan

National Producer:
Eve Alpern

Diego Arciniegas
Sean Edgecomb
Renee Farster
Summer Williams

Featuring works by:
Adult Children of Heterosexuals: The Band
Xray Aims
Toni Amato
Leo Cabranes-Grant
The Five Lesbian Brothers
Renita Martin
Chris Meffert
Caroline Prugh
A Street Theater Named Desire
Adam Sussman

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