Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blogging, social media, and ink in your veins


More good news from this past week.

The website, Online Social Media, picked up my post on about the Facebook page.

Writing and politics and the news and blogging is all a passion for me. I can't not do it. As it's said, I have ink in my veins.

I was talking on the phone yesterday with Rick Holmes, the opinion editor at the MetroWest Daily News, for whom I freelanced for about 10 years. We talked mostly about the Tea Party Express that was just in Boston. We both were there, and we sort of swapped impressions, just trying to figure things out.

And today, I spoke with a friend of Sue's who writes for the Wall Street Journal. I told her about my post on, Hip, hip, hooray: The SEC (finally) charges Goldman Sachs with fraud.

The media's reputation is kind of in the tank, but it has nothing to do with serious, hard-working writer types who do the day to day, and everything to do with--surprise, surprise--the business guys like Turner and Murdoch who want to see themselves in history as some sort of William Randolph Hearst.

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