Friday, April 16, 2010

Social media used for more than poking

Social networking is helping travelers stranded because Mother Nature reared up on her hind legs and roared with the eruption of the EyjafjallajöKull Volcano.

So begins a post on my blog at I know, I know, you're probably getting sick of reading, but it has become my new occupation and frankly, I'm really getting into it. It is the new media, and just like anything, I love anything that lets me use my brain to figure out. I didn't take apart toasters as a kid to find out how they work, but I do like "taking apart" things like social media--finding out how they work, what doesn't work, how to use them and improve them. (Are you listening, the largest and most prestigious marketing firm in the world? Yeah, keep using your brain trust to sell crap cars and $150 toothbrushes.)

My post is about a new Facebook page that one of my Facebook friends, Tod Brilliant (yes, that's really his name) has set up to help travelers who are stranded because of the eruption of EyjafjallajöKull Volcano.

Okay, it's not the Chinese government shutting down all communications and democracy hanging on because of Twitter, but it's a good example how how social media can empower us and help us. It isn't all about Sandra Bullock's marriage problems. And it shows how social media can "bring together" two people who never would have met, who still haven't met face to face, so they can work together for the greater good.

Check out my post, and then pass it on to anyone you know who is stranded, or even anyone you know who may be working with stranded travelers, for example, a travel agent.

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