Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crappy New England Weather Can't Rain on My Parade

Today was the kind of day when I always asked, why did the Pilgrims stay here? At a little past 5:30, today the day still has the kind of weather that makes you hate New England: Cold sleet is just falling out of the sky. The roads and sidewalks are thick ice, the kind that happens on a skating rinks towards the end of the day. Hard ice with puddles on top. Lakes of slush slosh on either side of crosswalks. And it's supposed to get worse tonight. Still, the weather couldn't put a damper on the first day back of classes.

First up today was dramaturgy with Kate Snodgrass, the head of our program. Familiar faces, new faces, and one student from last semester dropped out. Tons of reading. More tons of writing, and then the grad students have even more writing, plus we have to prepare and lead one class. And I can't wait.

At the theater I saw someone who I've worked with in the past--she was the director for the first play for which I had a staged reading--and she was there working on her auditions for grad schools that she'll be doing for the next two weeks. And I remarked to her how many people I know who are doing such great things with their lives--real positive actions that make you forget about the economy and politics. And I also know so many people that just want to drag people down, or drag them back into the past, and on a day like today, as miserable as the weather was, they still just fade away. A gloomy, bitter day like today can still be so bright and optimistic

Yeah, it's a weird human trait that when people are miserable they want everyone else to be miserable, too. Yes, misery does love company, it certainly does. But not my company. (Plus when I came home there were even more books--scripts actually--for me to read. How cool is that?)

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