Saturday, January 1, 2011

Writing and the New Year

It's the first day of the New Year and we have been spending it lounging in bed drinking coffee and reading our books, flinging the windows open to get some fresh air in the apartment and the stale air out, cleaning off the porch of slush and tightening the chords on the tarps on the outdoor patio. How exciting, huh?

Sue's about ready to go out on a call. Work has been thin for her, too, and it's awful to think that we're going to benefit from someone's misfortune. Still, if you look at it right, Sue is really an angel of mercy who comes into people's lives who need a bit of help. It's weird to think that the government steps into people's lives when it concerns the family or their kids. Before I knew Sue I might have railed against government intrusion. But after knowing Sue and the job she does, society would be a lot worse--think Dickensonian--if someone like her didn't intervene. It's extraordinary to think how many people end up with kids simply because some woman got drunk one night (or two or three) and spread her legs or some guy couldn't think past his six seconds of ecstasy.

Obviously, this is the first post of the year. Last year I blogged 99 times. The year before that 108, and the two years before that 396 and 529. The high numbers are a testament of just how bored you can get sitting in a cubicle in an ad agency. This past year I tailed off because I was doing so much writing for school. It feels good to sit here, though, and type these words for whoever feels like logging on here and reading, curious of what's rattling around in my head or the goings on in my (and Sue's) life. I've said it time after time: Writers write. There's no stopping us, any more than you can stop a rodent from gnawing on a piece of wood or an electrical cord. And we write sometimes with the same disastrous results.

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