Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting a Bang Out of Life

What's a new year all about, huh? Making resolutions?  Nope, don't think I ever kept a one. Turning over new leaves? Sorry, I'm comfortable in my own skin, thank you very much. Picking up where you left off last year after all the holiday madness? Ding, ding, ding, ding. Congratulations, you won the combination washer/dryer.

I am such a Grinch, but excepting for one or two days, like when we all went out to see A Child's Christmas in Wales and had dinner afterward, or the day my kids all came over for dinner and stayed over because of the Blizzard of 2010 (what blizzard?--I saw somewhere that someone said, a blizzard in Boston is your typical day in Syracuse), you could have kept the whole business. I always keep a stack or two of books nearby, and by stack I mean stack--a veritable Leaning Tower of Pisa of books on the floor, a Great Wall of China of books across the width of the coffee table. I am so lacking, or rather, I feel I am so lacking in literature and drama, that every time one of my professors or fellow students evens alludes to a play or novel or writer that I haven't read or haven't read in a while, I go to the library and take out everything I can find.

But it is hard to get back into a real groove, when there is so much to do and the holidays were kind of harrowing, emotionally speaking, of course.  But that's what I'm doing today. Now starts that long, long dark, cold trip to June, when I think there's what?--one holiday in there? Frankly, I like everyday life, the way I've made it, over any kind of holiday. I usually have more fun in my regular every day life. I like my everyday life. Who wouldn't? It's steeped in loved ones and books and theater and the outdoors and all the things I get a bang out of in life.

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