Friday, January 4, 2013

Alejandro Escovedo: Bottom of the World

For me, it's usually the melody that hits me first. 

Then I listen and pick up a few words here and there, and then maybe a line sticks. 

And then I'm hooked. 

Ever been just down and out? I mean really down and out? This song gives a good feeling of what it's like. The world used to be one way, you used to be on top of the world. And then, wtf, you found yourself at the bottom and you're a changed person.

Anyway, there's no better person to write and sing about it than Alejendro Escovedo

Austin’s changed, it’s true
Show me what hasn’t
Tonight the tv’s throwing colors on the wall
As I watch the cities of the world reduced to ashes
From where I sit, at the bottom of the world

Oh, there used to be a phone booth
Down here on every corner
He used to call me up just to say my name
But now all anybody gets is a busy signal
No you can’t call home, from the bottom of the world

She said, hey newspaper boy
Don’t you think it’s time you delivered?
I said, say the word, your wish is my command
Well she ran me over like an eighteen-wheeler
And dumped my body at the bottom of the world.

You might think you know all there is to know about me
You might think the beast is in the cage
But everything you see is just an illusion
It’s about to get real, at the bottom of the world.

Oh, hey little boy, little boy you look a little frightened
For these aren’t the kind of streets for walking alone
So why don’t you get yourself home back to Houston
No I don’t think you’re ready, for the bottom of the world
No I don’t think you’re ready, for the bottom of the world.

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