Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lonesome Music

Keeping you melancholy all day.

Found the Lonesome Music site promoted today on the home page of

Really nice site for all that alt/indie music that's just seems to be pouring out of the earth.

Sites like this are what's turning the music industry on its head. Grassroots efforts to get alternative music to music lovers (meaning not the mainstream stuff that is getting rammed down our throats by the big record labels and promoters.) This is what the Internet was made for. Some think--and rightly so--that the Internet is nothing more than a vehicle for selling crap and surfing porn. No arguments there. But it's also about this case connecting music lovers around the world with the different vehicles, places, technologies--call them what you want--on the Internet. Personal Web sites,,

There's more out there right now than just Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. A lot more. A lot better stuff. And sites like Lonesome Music makes the music world a whole lot more democratic.

Now, if we can just get our politicians to understand this.


lonesome music said...

Thanks for your kind words. My sister Beth and I regularly turn down stuff so that we can just post what we like. We try to make sure this is reflected in both the tone and content, and luckily it seems to work for other people that read it too.

lonesome music said...

btw. who are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw?


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