Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Colleen and David are Austin-bound

Came home to discover that Colleen Reilly (Reilly, like the life of Reilly is how she introduced herself), my music teacher, is moving to Austin, Texas, a place she called guitar heaven. Boyfriend and her drummer, David, is heading there, too.

So cool. I'm really happy for them. But now I'm once again looking for a teacher. And I won't hear Colleen say anymore, "Hey John, check it out..." then have her ripping through some licks.

I met Colleen (and subsequently David) when just on a whim I ducked into Jack's Drum Shop in Boston. I don't know how many times I passed by, but never went in because, well, it's a drum shop and I'm a geetar picker. But one day Sue and I dropped into the Jack's down in Hyannis, having seen some guitars through the windows, and Sue bought her guitar there so I thought I'd check out the Boston scene.

That first day I was just hanging out and overheard them talking about lessons. I started talking to them and everything seemed cool so right then and there I signed up for lessons, taking my first lesson that night on a guitar I borrowed from the store.

Colleen is pretty cool. Our lessons tended to ramble around a bit, mostly because I think she and I both have a tendency to sort of just follow where things lead. But I learned some pretty cool things about my "instrument" as she calls a guitar, and she got me into song-writing, so I have a lot to thank her for.

Wishing both of them good luck, and hoping some day they get that big record contract.

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