Friday, September 28, 2007

The T: that was last night, this is today

It just doesn't end. The train sitting on the tracks wasn't the 8:00 to Boston. It was some other train to Worcester. But that's the usual conductor for the 8:00, this is the track where the 8:00 usually waits. No matter. The thing about the T is that nothing is what it seems.

The conductor for the Worcester train said the eastbound train coming in on the other side was the 7:47 express. (Let's not quibble that it was already after 8:00.) So, everyone plods up and over the tracks. I get on the train. It takes off. The conductor gets on the loudspeaker and announces that it's the Boston local, making all stops.

Sigh, does anyone in the MBTA know what's going on?

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