Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Morrissey non concert, Boston

What the...?

Morrissey comes out, sings five songs, rips off his shirt, throws it in the audience, and walks off never to come back on stage.

He had mentioned something about being on David Letterman's show the night before and how Letterman keeps the studio at something like twenty-nine degrees (are we talking Fahrenheit or Celsius here?) and if he doesn't sound OK that we should blame it on "Letterman-voice". LiveNation is going to reschedule the concert, and you gotta think that Morrissey's voice is his money-maker, but still...

If the tickets hadn't cost over a hundred dollars, if Sue didn't have to sneak out of work on a really bad day at work, drive up to Riverside to catch the T, where she had to take a bus to Reservoir and transfer to a train, if it hadn't been so bloody hot, if the hamburgers hadn't cost 12 bucks apiece and we hadn't had to wolf them down, if the beer didn't cost nine dollars a freakin' glass, and if we didn't have to backtrack on the T's train/bus/train combo then pick up my truck at the train station, only to get home to a sweltering apartment around midnight maybe it wouldn't have been so bad.

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Jennifer said...

Morrissey's still around?

Haven't heard about him for years!

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