Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back to the frat house

Maybe it's appropriate that this is the 300th post since I've started this blog. Started writing here because I wanted to share, tell the truth, and get to the truth.'s Thursday, the day after the Fourth of July. One crazy, madhouse time driving down to the Cape after work (after plans sort of got screwed up, thanks to my frazzled brain, for spending the Fourth with friends in Gloucester) meeting Sue and some of her friends and then chasing them around the Cape as they hopped from bar to bar, one step ahead of us, then spending yesterday just taking deep breaths and enjoying the (short) time with Sue.

So, and now it's back in the frat house.

Why is this frat house mentality, with its juvenile, testosterone-sodden humor and behavior, tolerated here? It's like the grade-school playground all over again, with the cool guys posturing who, sorry, are really kind of pathetic starting with the clothes they wear trying to stem time's erosion, and a little surrounding bevy of cute girls stroking their egos with their approving giggles? Dollars to donuts the girls are thinking, please, just get me the hell out of here, this idiot smile on my face is really starting to hurt.

Truth be told, most people here don't like it, they'll tell you that in private, they just put up with it because they have to put up with it to keep paying the bills or get ahead in their careers or they're just too damn tired, or they're afraid to stand up and say something.

And what's worse is when old farts in senior management encourage it because it, I'm guessing here, makes them think they're still young, but frankly their behavior is even more pathetic than the younger people because they look like a bunch of sad, bloated old white men way passed their prime (think Ted Kennedy here.)

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Anonymous said...

...Its the tough to fathom yet fully realized merger of Sweet Valley High with the bar room in The Accused.

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