Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frost on the pumpkin

This morning there was a real hard frost on the windshield of the truck. We've had a few frosty mornings, but slowly the world is locking up in its frozen time capsule.

I turn on the truck when I take Bob out in the morning, and he stands there, he's so old, thinking he's going for a ride. We've done this a few times already this fall. His synapses aren't firing like they used to, and he depends on me more and more to tell him exactly what to do. Get up for breakfast. When he goes out to the fence line to do his business in the morning he stops dead and turns at least twice. His eyes and hearing are going, and he needs constant reassurance that I'm still there, and what he's supposed to do. It's like taking care of an old person, or rather, not a person, but an older living being. Humans, dogs, horses, cats, the aging process takes us all, and changes us. There's still a lot of life in him, he still gets excited about going out and going places, but there's a change...not bad, not good, just different. He needed care when he was a puppy, now he needs a different kind of care now that he's older.

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