Friday, November 2, 2007

Lance needs to wear a helmet

Lance Armstrong seeing one of the Olsen twins?

He's the man, or I thought he was. He drinks PBR. He's hammers a bike like no one ever did. But man, what is it about guys and their women? (Gentle Reader, I've asked the same thing about myself in the past. Let's see, at one time there was Too Far, Too Young, and Too Racist.)

First he leaves what appears to be a super-cool wife for...Sheryl Crow. Okay, she rocks, but doesn't know squat about bicycle racing or the Tour. That was obvious in 2005 when he won his unprecedented 7th Tour and announcers Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin went ga-ga over her and interviewed her day after day.

But Ashley? (or is it Mary-Kate; I can't tell the difference.)

Lance, time to climb back in the saddle. When the gossip rags start circling, it's time to ride on the hell out of Dodge.

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