Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good things on the Framingham commuter rail

Everyone, including me, ranks on the MBTA. It's not all bad. Really. There's a conductor on the Framingham commuter line. Her name tag says her first name is Pia. She's nice and friendly and there's always a good vibe coming from her. You look her in the eye and you get a smile and a good morning. The same goes for most of the conductors on that line.

So, maybe the person, man, woman, or beast, from the MBTA, who lurks on this blog from will take note of this and maybe reward these good folks.

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Innismir said...

Since we're discussing good conductors, can we talk about Jack?

Jack's a conductor on the Middleboro line and is a amazing, kind, courteous, and friendly man. Jack is on my train at 7:20AM going into Boston and greets everyone with a smile. When pulling into South Station, Jack usually announces it to the riders with a cheerful wish of a good morning or some kind of announcement. If we're delayed for some reason, Jack *gasp* keeps riders appraised of what is going on, tries to let us know how long we'll be stuck, and *gasps again* apologizes in a non-robotic way.

Jack is one of the best conductors I've interacted with in my commuting life. The MBTA needs to clone him or something.

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