Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thoughts in the shower

Why does it seem that so many people do their best thinking in the shower? I know I do. The thoughts just pour through my head so I can't even keep track. There are times I wish I had a waterproof tape recorder, or waterproof paper like you use scuba diving. And sometimes I'll stand there for up to a half hour, just swimming inside my own head.

Is it the solitude of the shower, the solitude that we don't have at all in our lives anymore, anywhere, that's just so conducive of free-flow thought?

And why hasn't someone come up with something that applies this process to the workplace? I don't know--Jacuzzis instead of cubicles. I know that I start my day with my mind just churning, and then the rush to the train slows things down, and by the time I get to my cube at work my system has pretty much shut down. I work as a writer, so I know how to force the process, but I still have yet figured out how to harness the intensity and amount of thoughts I have when I have that warm water cascading down on my head.

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