Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MBTA workers on a working strike

It was reported in the paper today that the MBTA workers on the commuter lines have been engaged in a working strike for the past two months. Well, commuters knew something was up. We've been scratching our heads out in Framingham for a while now. Now it's good to know what's up, and personally, I say good for the workers.

It's not an easy job to do, you can see that. I can't imagine constantly working out in the weather and the crowded conditions like they do. Workers everywhere are constantly being taken advantage of. Just in the office I work in, a woman I work with was working until 2:00 last night. And she was in at her regular time this morning. And middle managers can be so heartless. They are given a lot of responsibility and no authority, so they assume and attitude to protect themselves, their mortgage, their BMWs, and their big screen TVs, all for the good of the organization, of course.

So, MBTA workers are doing their jobs to the letter, and no more. It's not that they're not conscientious, it's that they're standing up for their own lives, their relationships with their loves ones, and for their dignity. And I, for one, am willing to back them up for it. It seems to me decent train service and a decent living can co-exist.


Train Rider said...

While it is understandable that the train conductors are just following the terms of their contract, as a commuter dependent on the commuter rail, I find it horrifying that the MBCR, the MBTA and the state are not resolving the issues. I'm paying nearly $250 a month to commute into Boston - and I usually have to resort to taking the Pike in. I think those of us who rely on the commuter rail should be outraged by this behavior.

Pissed on the Needham Line said...

I'm sorry, but the MBTA commuter rail workers are not unique in having a tough job, and the fact that they are making it extra difficult for everyone else to get to their own jobs is repugnant. I say they can all go to hell, and I hope the ride is slow and painful like their train service.

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