Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mary Ann busted for pot

Saying your favorite is one way in our culture we try to get a handle on ourselves. Who's your favorite Beatle? Your favorite character in the Wizard of Oz? Vanilla or chocolate?

And then there's Mary Ann or Ginger?

I guess I'm dating myself because that last choice refers to two female supporting characters on the TV show, Gilligan's Island who prepubescent boys, and I'm sure quite a few little girls, would fantasize about under the sheets back in the sixties. Ginger was a gorgeous, sexy actress. Mary Ann was the girl next door.

Well, Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann was arrested in Idaho and put on six months probation for allegedly having marijuana in her car. She was stopped after being observed swerving and speeding and slowing down after leaving a surprise birthday her friends threw for her. Wells said she was trying to figure out the heater controls in the new unfamiliar car she was driving, and the pot belonged to some hitchhikers she had just dropped off.

She's got good friends. They testified she hadn't been drinking (much) and others said they left the pot in her car.

I knew there was something about Mary Ann that I liked. Don't worry, Dawn. That six months will go by faster than you think.

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