Thursday, March 6, 2008

Support Radio Paradise and buy green stuff

For the past couple of days I've been glued to my desk just doing grunt work. It's just like ditch digging. It just sucks.

But unlike ditch digging I can at least sit here and crank the tunes on my headphones. Yes, there are a lot of Internet radio sites out there, the least of which is Pandora, which I'm not that crazy about.

For new music, one of my favorites is Radio Paradise. You can vote for each song, there's a forum of some really knowledgeable people who discuss each song, and each song is linked to a lot of good info, like the Wikipedia entry, the artist's site, tour schedules, all that stuff that music nuts want to know.

Anyway, it's free radio, and since I'm kind of short these days, I figure I'd assuage my guilt by at least getting the word out about these guys to people who may be able to reach into their pockets.

And there's kind of some neat stuff in case you want more than the music for your money. I guess any coins that come their way works for them.

Anwyay, in their store they have a bunch of stuff like the obligatory t-shirt and all that, but since they're a California site they got also have these reusable bags you can take the grocery store and keep using.

I usually don't bring my own bags to the grocery store, but just last night I did have a wad of them in my briefcase that I had here at the office from taking my lunch. When I went to the Super 88 after getting off the subway I pulled one of those suckers out to carry home my milk and Shanghai veggies. I was feeling real good and green and PC about that.

The other thing RP has that caught my eye were soy candles.

What the...? I thought. Sue and I burn candles all the time. They make the place look quiet and peaceful and relaxing and so darn romantic that if the candles don't burn the place down, we will. Anyway, I have no idea why you want candles made out of soy, but again, these people in California know more about stuff like that than I do. Here's why they say you should buy them:

# Breathe Easy - no carcinogens and clean burning
# Lead-Free Wicks (cotton and paper only)
# Non-toxic, biodegradable, and cleans up with soap and water
# Longer Burning - slower and cooler - as much as 3 times longer than regular candles
# Highly fragrant all the way through - from top to bottom, guaranteed
# Made from Soybeans - Supports American Farmers

I'm still sold on beeswax candles because they remind me of church and being an altar boy, which is really between me and my therapist and that's all I'm going to say about that.

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