Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Walk this way

More morning rants and raves...

I walk fast. I walk with a purpose. When I'm walking, I usually know where I'm going. And I know there are people out there who are a lot more laid back than me, I know you're out there just finding your way in life, smelling the roses, but if you're just going to meander around (with earbuds stuffed in your ears, a slack look on your face, you know where to put the cork) get the hell out of my way.

On the subway platform, you're either waiting or getting on the train. So don't just weave back and forth on the platform getting into pedestrians way.

On the sidewalk, if you're talking on the phone, snap out of it for a minute to realize you're walking about a half a mile a minute and weaving around like a drunken sailor. This is especially true for the many wide-bodies who live in this city whose girth and gravitational field is equal to Jupiter's.

Maybe future city planners will design cities like highways, with fast and slow lanes on the sidewalks.

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