Wednesday, March 26, 2008

People just keep getting lazier and more out of shape

As if the city and the subway aren't crowded enough, people are now claiming even more personal space by pulling their briefcases along behind them, like little wagons.

It's all the rage, and it's obviously a ripoff of those annoying pieces of luggage that everyone stole from flight attendants which caused everyone to carry their luggage into the cabin of the plane and take up all the overhead compartments that originally were meant for actual carry-ons and precious things like my guitars instead of an entire suitcase filled with your old, used unmentionable underwear and crusty socks.

I guess the combined weight of laptops and files became so out-of-control for type A businesspeople that the little darlings' arms were breaking. I don't want to tell you how heavy my high schooler's backpack is. It's heavier than a daypack I carry in the mountains. So, if she can carry hers, do I and all my fellow commuters and city dwellers have to trip over your little wheeley gizmo because you're too much of a wus to pick the darn thing up and carry it?

I hate these things more than I hate backpacks. There's always some numbskull in the train, usually about the same physical size as Shrek, with a pack on his back instead of on the floor at his feet or in his hand, twisting around, completely unaware that the hump on his back is causing more mayhem than a Golden Retriever's tail at a cocktail party.

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