Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ms.Dewey is hot, but the search engine is not

Microsoft may make a bid for Yahoo to compete against Google.

Whatever. Yawn. Microsoft is like this big, hairy boor and the cool people just slide away and party out on the patio.

Google is the most powerful search engine going. Microsoft should just go away. They're products are crap, hard to use, and anything MS touches turns BORING....

But anyone who is looking at search engines or even trying to figure out this whole Internet thang should spend a little time at

Entertaining as all get out, personable, one-on-one communication. It's what the Web should be right now. Not in the future, but it's a big step forward to what this Web 2.0 shit is all about. wrote enough skits for the hot actress so that even my ADD-like brain was kept attentive. Usually I can't click off cute, pretty, and trendy fast enough, but I was intrigued enough to see what the developers came up with. And I wasn't disappointed once. Even other apps and sites give you a spinning little ball, gives you Ms. Dewey talking and mugging, and you got to hand it to the actress, she keeps the bits and improve and comedy coming, always fresh and funny.

The downside is Ms. Dewey isn't enough to keep you coming to the site because the search engine, of course, doesn't even begin to compare to Google. I finally typed in a search and got pretty close to nothing, though I did get the one hit I wanted, the rest of the hits really weren't that relevant.

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