Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin RIP

I can't get through this day without mentioning George Carlin dying.

I almost put it up on my Facebook status. John is...really bummed about George Carlin dying. I tell you, I never met George Carlin, but I bet Facebook status lines didn't rank right up there on his A list. Fuck George Carlin, it's not on my A list either.


He was a genius, and was somebody I'd put on my I- would- like- to- sit- down- and- have- a- beer- with- this- person List. Along with people like Jackie Onassis. Couldn't you imagine having a beer with Jacki O? The thing is, I think she would have. The people on my list are actually people who I believe would have a beer with me. I can hear her saying, "Why not?" Well, I can hear her if she were still alive.


Carlin told the truth, that was the root of his comedy as it is all good comedy, and lately I've been wondering if the sixties haven't done us more harm than good (even though society did need a good shaking up) he was the guy who came up with the seven dirty words you couldn't say on the radio. This is more than comedy. This transcends comedy to the point where it changes society. It's truth and comedy and it's something powerful. This was about truth and the First Amendment and for a person who loves words the way I do, the following is like listening to music, it's like a freakin' rock opera, because he hears rhythms and watch his body, he's moving with the words and the words are moving him, which is what language or music should do.

Anyway, here are the seven words you can't say on the radio...and then he proceeded to use them throughout his career...

He was smart and saw the world for what it was and wasn't afraid to lay it out there. He was truthful and brave before he was funny. But he had a burning urge to communicate, too, and that's so him.

Anyway, here he is talking about religion:

And finally, children. I think my generation has made quite a few mistakes when it comes to taking care of our kids. And Carlin nails all the reasons why:

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