Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day?

I was going to ignore the whole Father's Day thing that was yesterday, but Becky C did such a nice job today that it got me thinking.

I'm not a big fan of Father's Day simply because it reminds me of what a shitty father I've been. I know the girls love me. I know everything is pretty much patched up, but I probably could go for the rest of my life not being reminded of the fact that I left their mother and was pretty much out of their lives for a good six to eight years. And for kids, they don't perceive it as you leaving their mother; they see it that you left them.

And the one thing that will make my heart ache to my dying day is that I wasn't able to kiss them goodnight for all those years. The warmth that comes off a sleeping child's head could breathe the life back into a dead man. And it did. 

And yesterday, I spent a beautiful day with my kids. They are two of the prettiest girls you could ever see. But more importantly, they are also growing up into really cool people. And they still love me, despite everything. 

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