Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An MBTA Red Line moment

Coming home after dinner in the North End with my 20-year-old daughter, we were riding the Red Line. A real South Shore townie was further up in the car--excuse me, the cahr--talking loudly on a cell phone.

Suddenly, the rest of the passengers were riveted as the guy said in the most surprised voice, "You need a rubber for a blow job?"

Of course, he pronounced it rubba...


The Missus said...

Oh dear God!

At least it was your 20-year old! Imagine if it had been the younger one!

amusings_bnl said...

(visiting via universal hub)

I'm constantly amazed at what people talk about in public on their phones. a year or so ago we took our dogs swimming at a beach and there was a man a little ways down from us on his cell phone FREAKING out at someone and SCREAMING that he was going to effin' do this and effin' do that and come down there and shove his cock down that guys throat if he didn't deliver the equipment for the job on time and then ... it went on and on. my kids, ages 10 and 14 were just standing there, shocked.

my husband asked the guy to tone it down.

big mistake.

"I'm on a fucking PRIVATE CALL!" the guy screamed.

then he and my husband started yelling at each other and i'm thinking any second now the guy is going to shank him or something. dude was on fire. i put the kids in the car, told the guy he was a class act, and asked my husband to drop it. we left, but always utter to each other when we see guys like yours in the front of the cah chattin' like that "I'm on a fucking private call!"

Anonymous said...

what is a 'southshore townie"?

John Greiner-Ferris said...

hey missus...the younger one would have laughed, was just one of those wtf moments...

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