Monday, February 12, 2007


Was drawn to... Was called... How do you buy something like a guitar? They call to you. You are drawn to one and you don't even know it.

Every one is different. Acoustics are organic, made out of wood that changes, will change some more. Pick up one, it just doesn't feel right. Pick up another one and it feels great. You hold it like a woman. Plays great. The sound resonating in your chest. You not only hear the sound, but you feel it, too. But my wallet says no.

I've been wanting an acoustic to play around on for awhile now. Different sound, different experience from LuLu. Yesterday I looked hard at price tags first. Picked up a used something, Epiphone maybe, for $99. No. The first string around the seventh fret actually would not play. No sound except for this screek. Another, an Olympia. Whoa. Is this what I'm feeling? I played it awhile. Put it down. Picked up another one. Another one. Went back to the Olympia. Who are you, little darling? Solid spruce top made for a rich sound. Set up nice so it was easy for me to play. Omigod. You're the one. You're really the one. Ninety-nine bucks used. It wasn't the Martin I was hoping for, but I've learned you gotta be careful what you hope for.

I brought her home. I was playing her when Sue walked in. She didn't even notice at first that it was a different guitar. Maybe 'cause we look so good together? Sue named her Alice. Good name. It was my mother's name, though Sue didn't realize it at the time.


Jason said...

Wish I could have found my "lady" for $99...

John Greiner-Ferris said...

Well, she may be cheap but she's still a lady.

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