Friday, October 19, 2007

Catalogs are a-clogging my mailbox

I guess the holiday season is coming, cause my mailbox is jammed with catalogs. LL Bean. National Geographic. Sundance. Territory Ahead. They all are filled with clothes and items that will prove to the world what a hip, tasteful, cool person I am if I wear and decorate my home with all this stuff.

It's called branding and taste and style. It's something we've all known about since the time we were teenagers and wouldn't be caught dead wearing a certain pair of jeans. It's gone way out of control now, though, to the point where it almost looks like people are wearing costumes, and not clothes. Looks like we're walking around on movie sets. Look at me: I'm a mountaineer. I'm a world traveler. I'm a rancher right out of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I'm a rough but sensitive cowboy.

There's another word for it, too: Posing.

But I should talk. We all have a way we want to present ourselves to the world. Me? A pair of jeans. A scuffed up pair of boots. My beat-up old truck. My old flea-bitten dog. A guitar. What does that say about me? Effing Marlboro Man? LOL.

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