Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Daddy's Junky Music

One of these days I'm going to walk into Daddy's Junky Music and they're going to stop me and say, either buy something or get the hell out. I go in at least once a week around lunchtime, play their expensive guitars, dream a little, then maybe buy some picks, or maybe an occasional songbook.

Which is what I did today. Except...when I walked into the acoustic guitar showroom there was this young guy in there just playing along. Kind of a hippie/troubadour-looking kid with the cap and the slouch.

Okay, usually, when you're the only one in a music showroom you can bang away, but once more people come in you tend to quiet things down a bit, just out of politeness and respect for the other person. Not this guy. He actually started singing. While at first it was kind of annoying, it actually got kind of funny when he started singing because he couldn't sing. Not well, at least. But he sure thought he could. And he couldn't play that well either, because, laughably, he played like I do: kind of repeating the same chords over and over again, because that's all I really know right now.

You got to wonder what the hell goes on in some people's minds. Can he really not hear himself, or is he thinking American Idol is his ticket out here? Does he really think that his boring style of playing is something that everyone wants to hear? Is he really that stupid when it comes to music that he doesn't know good from bad?

Why do I think, "yes", is the answer to all those questions?

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